10 Things That Will Be In My Hospital Bag The Second Time Around

Now that I’ve had a baby, I know exactly what I should pack in my hospital bag the second time around. Just kidding, I’m still no expert but I thought I would share some insight into what I’m bringing in addition to and my makeup bag now that I know what I know. Things are a little different this time, because after a less than ideal birth with my first son, I elected to have a scheduled c-section. I have never had any kind of surgery so I am not sure what to expect other than what time I have to show up and have my baby removed from my belly this Friday morning. I am hearing that pants are not ideal during recovery, and would love more feedback from you c-mamas out there. Give it to me straight!

Anyway, here is a list of the 10 things that will be in my hospital bag the second time around.

[soliloquy id=”8101″]

I cannot wait for a sushi feast. I miss it more than being wine buzzed.

What did you pack in your hospital bag?





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