5 Things I Do Not Miss During Quarantine

5 Things I Do Not Miss During Quarantine

I’m officially at a point where I am stuck somewhere between hell and the life I once knew: a purgatory of sorts. It feels as if some days we are bombarded with messaging telling us to stay positive all the while reading news that says people are dying all around us and we won’t be going back to anywhere anytime soon, let alone back to the way things were ever again. This messaging cycle has been sending me down a spiral of equal parts grief and guilt. I am grieving my old life and feeling guilty for sometimes feeling stuck at home rather than always framing it as “safe at home.” The truth is, it’s normal and valid to have negative feelings about all of this. In an effort to keep my gratitude meter in check, I’m allowing myself to vent here and there, and also trying to keep mental and emotional stock of the benefits of isolation that I may be forgetting. I was inspired by Jacey of Damsel in Dior, who shared what she is not missing lately, and I think it’s the perfect mental exercise for us all.

Here are the 5 things I do not miss during quarantine.

  1. The Rush. Our lives have become scheduled, so rushed and jam-packed, it’s been kind of refreshing to slow down a bit. My daughter has been sleeping later in the morning, and instead of getting dressed for school, my boys have been heading to play superheros in pajamas.
  2. Freezing mornings. Getting the kids to school after rush of getting them ready, fed, and out the door in frigid early morning temperatures was brrrutal, and I’m happy to skip it until spring. Since quarantine began, we can stay cozy inside until the temps rise.
  3. Traffic. We are staying home for the most part, but any time we venture out (usually to a hiking trail or for essentials), the roads are so clear. I haven’t sat in a second of traffic in weeks, and honestly it’s fantastic.
  4. FOMO. There is no more fear of missing out, because all social plans are canceled.
  5. Uncomfortable clothes. This is a little mixed, because I do miss getting dressed up to actually go somewhere, but I’m enjoying the break from heels and real pants.

Ask me again at the end of April.



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    Toni V. Brown
    04/02/2020 at 11:13 am

    Its good to focus on the positive!! XOXO

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