Spanx Faux Leather Legging vs Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Legging

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings have become an important basic in my fall and winter wardrobes. I’ve seen a heated debate brewing around which pair reigns supreme, and since I own and wear both of the bestsellers, I realized it’s time to share a comparison for those of you who may be considering your first pair or switching teams.

Here are my honest, un-sponsored thoughts on the cult favorite Spanx Faux Leather Legging vs Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Legging:

Spanx Faux Leather Legging


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I bought my first pair of Spanx Faux Leather Leggings when leather-like leggings became a thing some 5 years ago. Spanx is my go-to brand for quality basic tights, and since they were well-reviewed I decided to give them a whirl.

Pros: I ordered my regular size medium and they fit well and don’t sag, which I truly appreciate. They have a beautiful convincing animal-skin-like sheen, and they are definitely full coverage (not sheer in the least bit). I love the light, flattering compression they give my legs, and the material is warm enough on cold days. They are far thicker than any of the brand’s other leggings, and the underside that sits on your skin is silky and comfortable. I’m a little over 5’4″ and I have a little extra length at the bottoms but not enough going to the tailor over.

Cons: I actually ordered a second pair of these leggings after I had my second baby because I had stretched out the waistband by wearing them while pretty far along. The other reason I ordered a second pair was because the leather affect had worn off a bit in the knee and quad areas, but I will admit that I became lazy washing them inside out and leaving them to air dry and would throw them in the dryer. I was more gentle with my second pair, hoping that the first pair was just a fluke or my own fault in failing to care for them, but I was disappointed that the same issue arose, seemingly faster the second time around. The biggest downside of these leggings for me is the waistband. I prefer a higher rise, and the band (which is wide but has lower and upper seams) becomes uncomfortable after a few hours. Of note: there is a seam that runs along the outside and inside of the pantlegs (which doesn’t bother me and I think makes them look more like actual leather pants) that may bother some. I still wear them from time to time, but they just don’t look like they used to.

Appearance: B+

Comfort: B

Quality: B-

Get ’em here, here, here, or here.

Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Legging

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Not wanting to buy my third pair of the Spanx, I decided to give the Commando pair a try. I’ve been wearing them on frequent rotation for about five months. I ordered my regular size medium, but could have gone with a small.

Pros: The Commando faux leather leggings have a rich, very convincing “real leather” appearance. When I first took them out of the packaging, they looked so tiny I didn’t think I could get them on. Luckily, they stretch A LOT, and they are actually very comfortable once you get them on. The underside of them that touches your skin is soft and warm, so they can be worn in freezing temps. I’ve been washing them and drying them inside out and have not experienced any deterioration of the sheen. The waist band is higher than the Spanx pair, and much more comfortable for all day wear.

Cons: The compression factor is so light on these it’s practically non-existent. Also of note, the hem is raw and unfinished but so far I have not experienced any fraying; just thought it was worth mentioning because some people don’t like the look of an un-sewn hem. They reach my 5’4.5″ frame ankles perfectly, so they may be short if you’re any taller than me. The waistband has kind of an odd few inches of liner near the top, which I don’t really understand, and they do bag out a bit after a days wear. I have yet to experience any tearing of the material, but I’ve read that some reviewers have experienced rips. I would say the fabric is somewhat delicate and would take caution pulling on it. Compared to the Spanx, these are less dense.

Appearance: A

Comfort: A-

Quality: B+

Get ’em here, here, here, or here.

Commando is the winner for me due to the comfort factor, material quality and waistband, but it truly depends on what you’re looking for. If you like tighter compression, get the Spanx, just don’t put them in the dryer like I did.



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