Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Review + Coupon

Now that I’ve had the chance to try the goodies in my Kelly Rowland Fancy Box (c/o Fancy), a review is due. Overall, this is a great buy or a fabulous gift for any Kelly Rowland fan or beauty product lover. The box is $39 + $7.95 shipping and overall, it’s a sweet deal. Plus, Fancy is giving you guys a hookup of with an extra 10% off your first box!

1. Diana Baby 110 Lomography Camera with 24mm Lens ($59): I was getting ready to pull the trigger on buying one of these tiny camera wonders which many users describe as the original Instagram because it takes beautiful square photographs. Since it’s itty bitty, it can fit in a tiny clutch, making it perfect for taking along to a special occasion like a wedding, or a vacation or a hiking trip. I am really excited to try it. The only downside: it doesn’t come with film, though the information booklet alludes to the possibility that it will be included with the next box.Diana Baby 100 Lomography Camera

2. Japonesque Precision Eyelash Curler ($14): Though receiving this was like handing a bottle of vodka to a recovering alcoholic in a way, this turned out to be a real beauty saver. I’ve quit curling my eyelashes because we all know its not the best thing to do if you want to keep them, but this tool doesn’t pinch and allows you to target small sections. My eyelashes curl naturally in the outer corners of my eyes, but not in the middle. The Japonesque Precision Curler is the ideal solution for this common beauty gripe and it creates a natural looking, softer curl than your typical full sized metal curler, and there is no need to crimp from root to tip which also helps to reduce breakage.

japonesque precision eyelash curler

3. Asos Paris Skyline Tights ($15): These wear nicely and the design is quite cute. I will be wearing them with a mod shift dress, a vintage faux fur trimmed car coat, booties and a beret (obviously). I wouldn’t recommend wearing these with anything super short or tight, and ensuring that your hemline hits a few centimeters below the “skyline” unless of course you pair them with shorts. Let the full design reveal itself when you sit (like a lady, of course). Ooh la la!

Asos Paris Skyline Tights4. Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure ($25): This kit comes with a full sized pretty hot pink salmon nail polish called Kiss Chase 101,  a wheel of what appears to be acrylic nail trays, and a plethora of foil squares plus a small bottle of Foil Fix. The polish works great, and wears well. After wearing the Colourfoil Manicure for one evening, my nails became sticky and the foils peeled. I did add my own favorite top coat (it says to do so in the instructions), Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat. I am not sure if perhaps I used too much of the foil fix or the wrong top coat. If anyone had success with this kit and would like to share your tips, please do!Ciate Very Colourfoil ManicureThe grand total for the items is around $113, so it’s a savings of about $71 with the coupon. It’s a great value at $35.10 (plus $7.95 shipping), and I liked everything in the box except for the Ciate foil kit (though I do like the pink polish that came with it and will use it). If you’re interested in trying Lomography, I recommend buying this box because you’ll get it for a lower price and get tights, the manicure kit, and the eyelash curler for free.

Take 10% off your first Kelly Rowland box with code 10OFFKELLY

Please leave any foil kit or Lomography tips in the comments section below!

xo BB

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