The DIY Root Touch Up Kit You Need Right Now

DPHue Root Touch Up Kit Review

The only thing worse than my nail roots were my grey hairs all over my scalp. For some backstory, I have had grey hair since around my 12th birthday. I started dying my hair Liv Tyler Empire Records era auburn in middle school to mask it, which went well with my Doc Martens and flannels. As an adult, I’ve come to rely on 4-6 week apart root touch-ups to keep things copacetic. At first I accepted my roots and it became a part of my newly acquired quarantine aesthetic. However, as the weeks rolled by, I realized the new grow was starting to bug me, rather than become me.

So I got to researching, and used myself as guinea pig. Buckle up, it’s about to get unflattering (for me).

The DIY root touch up kit you need right now is DPHue. You can get it at Sephora right now with 10-20% off with code SPRINGSAVE. If it’s sold out in your color, you can also get it here.

This kit includes everything you need to get the job done: two applications of color, developing cream, a brush, a bowl, and two caps and two pairs of gloves (dual use for grocery shopping).

DPHue Root Touch Up Kit Review

I have a very stubborn skunk stripe on my right side (where I flip my hair on day two with dry shampoo) and of course right down the middle of my scalp where my preferred part lives. I used the medium brown color, and could have easily gone with the light brown color. Here are the befores:

DPHue Root Touch Up Kit Review DPHue Root Touch Up Kit ReviewYeah. V grey.

Here are the afters (my daughter is in it because I am never not holding a baby these days):

DPHue Root Touch Up Kit Review

I wanted to show you a picture in broad daylight. The coverage is excellent, however, as a colorist I am not. I parted my hair into sections and colored the roots only (definitely the move) but I did miss a little spot. It would definitely work best to have a partner help cover the tough-to-see areas if you have another adult at home. Here is my problem area on full display:

DPHue Root Touch Up Kit Review

She is already embarrassed by me. At least she is not embarrassed by my greys.




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