Sculplla H2 Stem Cell Mist Review

Sculplla H2 Stem-Cell Mist

I had read the buzz on Harper’s and beyond about Sculplla, but when it landed in the US, I wasn’t really in the market just yet for a “wrinkle erasing sheet mask on steroids.” My esthetician sprung it on me last week and sent me home with a little something that has me believing I can hold off on sticking a needle in my face for a little while longer.

Here is my honest Sculplla H2 Stem-Cell Mist Review:

Honestly when I saw the bottle, I wondered if it was made from babies. It’s not, I checked the ingredients. I’m not vegan, but that’s too far for me. Anyway, I did what I was told after the giant Biore-esque strip was removed from my face and did not wash it for the rest of the day. For me, that was the hardest part. I was instructed to mist my face with this stuff. Once spritz, and I was hooked,

First of all, it smells so fresh. Most importantly, it instantly soothes my skin and gives me a glow while diminishing fine lines immediately. As soon as the dry fall air hits our coast, my skin becomes duller and my wrinkles are more pronounced. Not anymore. I now give myself a little midday mist that instantly refreshes my makeup and wakes up my skin.

All I need now is a travel size to stash in my bag.



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