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Best Hunza G Dupe

Best Hunza G Dupe

The Hunza G crinkle swimsuit is a bona fide cult classic, and I too have sipped the Kool-Aid. While I love my Hunza G pieces, I am also a big fan of the best Hunza G dupe I have found. I own it in black and I find myself wearing it so much, I went back for more and I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only have we been blessed with a massive restock, some colors and cuts are even on sale right now during high season, no less.

Here is the best Hunza G dupe:

The ASOS Design Crinkle Swim Collection, FTW:

I tried many brands and a close runner up is the Good American Always Fits Collection. My biggest critique of their version is that the sizing is tough to figure out (ASOS is one size fits all + a curve collection), and some of the colors (that I have and love like Hawaiian Pink and Summer Green) are completely transparent when wet. It’s a bummer to have to wear pasties under a swimsuit, especially from a brand that features women of color in their marketing.

My friend Erin (founder of New To Westport Moms) is wearing her favorite mango hued Hunza dupe. Get the top here and the bottom here.

Back to ASOS I go! I ordered the cobalt triangle top and high waisted bottom. What are you getting?



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