3 Best Free Mothers Day Gifts

3 Best Free Mothers Day Gifts

While I was working on rounding up the 10 best Mother’s Day gifts, I realized that the greatest presents are actually things that money can’t buy. When I think of the things I would truly love for Mother’s Day this year, they aren’t things at all. Shelter-in-place, quarantine, social distancing, whatever you’re calling our state of being during this pandemic, has presented most mothers with unprecedented situational stress. The amount of time we have been spending with our children has been a blessing in many ways, but it is also a double edged sword. Most mamas have been without much if any “me time” at all, so maybe the greatest gift of all is the gift of pause.

These are honestly the 3 best free Mother’s Day gifts:

  1. Alone Time. We would love to have a couple of hours with no one asking for snacks or a wipe. I’m not talking about cleaning the kitchen for an hour after the children go to bed. I’m talking about sitting down or laying down, in silence, in the sunshine, cup of tea or glass of Sancerre in hand.
  2. A massage. Romantic partners, this is one for you. I don’t know one mama not suffering from major fatigue right now, and in need of some relaxation. Especially the mothers who are also essential workers (which seems redundant), the nurses, and doctors.
  3. A list of things Mom is doing right. You might want to grab some tissues, because I am already getting the vapors just thinking about all the mamas in this boat. Lately, it just feels as if we are not doing anything “right.” Work is not getting done, our homes are not sparkling, the kids are traded homeschooling for full blown mutiny, and we are not great substitute teachers. Sometimes the things we are doing right are hard to see for ourselves, but they’re seen. I see you mama.



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