5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Lizzo

5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Lizzo

Last night I experienced the immeasurable privilege of seeing Lizzo perform at Radio City Music Hall. I don’t think I am alone in feeling that Lizzo is inspiring in so many ways, through her music and her message of encouraging self love and self acceptance. She told us last night that her mission is to spread joy and love and feminism, and there is so much more we could learn from this strong, talented, woman.

Here are 5 life lessons we can all learn from Lizzo:

True Love Finally Happens When You Love Yourself

This is a really big one, and I love that Lizzo herself admits that self love is a lifelong journey of fighting back against what we are programmed to believe, especially as women. She said it took her about 10 years to really love herself, and that it’s something she strives to do every day. Let’s start right now: let’s be our own soul mate.

Embrace What Makes You Different

Lizzo was made fun of in school for her love of Anime. She now frequently dresses up as Sailor Moon at her sold out performances. When I was a kid, I was teased for being a Star Wars nerd. I named my middle son after Luke Skywalker. Same, girl. Same. But seriously, you don’t need to be like everyone else, so celebrate what you like and what makes you feel like yourself. Lizzo said she felt like there wasn’t a space for her in the music industry, but instead of conforming to “standards” she just stayed true to who she was and created her own space.

Don’t Waste Time On People Who Are Just Not Worth It

And that’s the sound, of me not calling you back. Some people are just toxic and you don’t need to change for anyone or constantly apologize. Lizzo called for the “F boys, F girls, and F theys” to learn to love themselves so the cycle of negativity can be broken. Don’t hate them back; put only love and positivity back into the universe.

Stay Humble and Express Gratitude

Her song slayed at #1 on the billboard charts, but Lizzo spent a few minutes thanking her fans for supporting her. She expressed so much gratitude and soaked up the moment of her first sold out show at Radio City Music Hall. It’s a huge landmark in any artist’s career and such a special was not lost on her.

It’s Ok To Have a Bad Day

You had a bad day, and you had a cry, that just makes you a human being. You’re still a bad bitch. See #1, the road to self love is a life long journey.

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