5 Easy Skin Improving Steps

slip silk pillowcase

You might remember back in January that I had decided (via New Years Resolution) that this is the year I am getting dead serious about skincare. I’ve always been good about the basics: never sleeping or working out with makeup on, wearing sunscreen every day. However, I began to realize that just the basics weren’t going to cut it much longer. I made some really simple changes lately that have made a big impact.

Here are 5 easy skin improving steps that anyone can take to make a huge difference.

slip silk pillowcase

I switched my pillowcase to a good quality silk one. The first time I tried this, I went the budget route and ordered some poorly made case on Amazon that fell apart in weeks. It was a waste of money. This time, I bit the bullet and ordered a well reviewed Slip case. It’s quality, and washes easily in the washing machine. I’ve found that not only does my skin look better when I wake, but my hair is far less of a tangled mess. You can also get it here and here.

Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow

I get extra sleep. I’ve started to make sleep a priority, because I when I don’t get enough, it is truly written all over my face. Some nights I’ll go to sleep extra early or I’ll take a nap on a plan-free Saturday afternoon while my boys take theirs. It’s not always easy (especially when you have little ones) but a little sleep goes a long way.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% Superficial Peeling Formulation 30ml

I added Lactic Acid. Just three times a week, I put this $7 serum on my freshly cleaned face. That’s it. My tone and texture has never been better (well, in my thirties) and I’ve seen a reduction in black heads.

I scaled back on exfoliating cleansers.  I dialed back on daily exfoliating and moved to using an exfoliating cleanser once every other day. Over-exfoliating with cleansers was drying out my skin, and that’s really the opposite goal of exfoliating, which is improving texture. This one is my favorite (in moderation).

I get a monthly facial. Finally, I stuck to my New Year’s Resolution. Getting monthly facials with an esthetician I trust has taken years off my skin and helped me relax and focus on self care. Plus, she has given me guidance to help me achieve my skin goals.

What are your skin tips?




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