5 Minute Hard Core Abs Express Workout

5 Minute Hard Core Abs Express Workout

Happy Fitness Friday! Not that days matter all that much any more. Anyway, today is a very special one because I’m sharing this gem of an at-home fitness resource who is not only a legend of her craft (featured on Live with Kelly and Michael, Good Morning America, Fox, in the New York Times, Woman’s Health, US Weekly, Fit Pregnancy, Fitness, Health Magazine, Shape and more), she is also a friend and a fellow ex-Manhattan turned Greenwich mom. Nikki Glor is the founder of, and if you’re not following her on the ‘gram you’re missing out on innovative moves and healthy snack ideas for kids, and all kinds of feel good wellness content. I am missing taking her classes at Equinox, but feeling so thankful to be able to continue working out with her from home. She’s a ray of sunshine who generates positive vibes and is not only a motivating fitness instructor, she is an effective one. If you’re in my boat this week, you’re probably pressed for time between working, homeschooling, etc., and Nikki has you covered with short and sweet workouts that will make you feel good and get results. Check out this 5 minute hard core abs express workout and you’ll become a believer:

For more workouts, download the Nikki Fitness App here.

Wishing you a happy and healthy weekend!



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