The Truth About Having It All Is Confirmed

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This was not the post I was planning on writing after Fashion Week, and I was not planning on a follow up post to this one. However, as fate would have it, I bumped into The Eva Chen after a Fashion Week event. I’ve seen her around many times, but this was the first time we met. We made small talk while and I told her I looked up to her and she thanked me. When I told her about how I recently wrote about having it all and that she was my shining example. “Please,” she half laughed. “I am barely holding it together.”

The point of this post and the last one of the like is not that I am an Eva Chen superfan. The point is that even though you’re struggling to balance all of the things at all times, so is everyone else.

If you feel like you’re barely holding it together (hi Moms at the end of Winter “Break”) you’re basically Eva Chen.

Happy Friday!



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