5 Apps That Are Saving My Life Right Now

5 Apps That Are Saving My Life Right Now

I feel so blessed to have three healthy babies, this life, and this blog, but I will be the first to admit that I have never been so busy in my entire life. Like most modern mortals, I rely on several apps to help me get it all done, keep me sane, happy and healthy.

Here are the 5 apps that are saving my life right now:

Prime Now

There are many weeks when I can not fit a full-on trip to whole foods into the schedule. With Prime Now, I can order an entire week’s worth of groceries for my family during a single nursing session from my phone. I also love that I get 10% back on all of it using this credit card. It’s win win.

Rent The Runway

This deserves it’s own separate post, but I will say that in short, the Unlimited subscription saves me so much time and money. Being able to rent wardrobe staples and special occasion pieces in different sizes is so key for me at the moment. If you want to try it, Rent the Runway is offering an exclusive $100 discount off the first two months with code RTRFAM025B4A for my readers.


This on-demand in-home masseuse service app is a must for massage lovers. It’s become my go-to indulgence, especially since I don’t have to book childcare and can crawl into bed and go to sleep right after. You can read my full review here.


I’ve had a baby in diapers since 2015, and then two babies in diapers since 2017, so having diapers and wipes delivered to my door on a schedule in two different sizes is clutch. I also prefer their diapers, as they are the only diapers that haven’t irritated my kids’ skin and they leak far less than other brands. I love that the diapers and wipes and add-ons (love the diaper rash cream) are discounted and that I receive alerts before each order is placed.


Yes, I this requires a purchase commitment, BUT what makes the nest app a lifesaver for me is the fact that I can temperature control my home and see all my babies asleep in their beds (or not) when I’m not home. After the purchase of the first Nest cam that we used as a monitor for our first baby, we went on to put outdoor nest cams in the other babies’ rooms. They work the same way, but they can be repurposed as security cameras once we no longer need baby monitors.



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