The Best Temporary Haircolor + A Giveaway

SEAFOAM Blue Ombre Mermaid Hair

If you’ve ever contemplated a drastic hair color change, read on because I have found the best temporary hair color. Whether you’re changing your look for an event or trying out a dramatic hue before fully committing, you need to try HairChalk! Before going permanently turquoise, I tried nearly every temporary brand only to find that the color either faded immediately and was hard to apply, or it was not truly temporary and stained my strands the wrong color. So I must admit, when Hairchalk arrived on my doorstep I was hesitant to take it for the proverbial spin. To my surprise, HairChalk is easy to apply, and washes out in just a weekend so you can look “client ready” by Monday if you’re a suit.

SEAFOAM Blue Ombre Mermaid Hair Chalk

I particularly loved the Seafoam Blue Ombre Mermaid set, and I used it again on Halloween for my Cookie Monster costume.

Hair Chalk SEAFOAM Blue Ombre Mermaid

Here are my top tips for the best HairChalk experience:

1. Keep the plastic wrap on the chalk, removing only the plastic at the tip. This will keep the color on your strands rather than your hands.

2. Dampen only the end of the tip and use only the tip to apply the color. Doing so will deposit the strongest pigment and get you the most mileage out of each piece.

3. Apply color on the ends first, and blend upwards as you move toward your scalp.

Dying to try it?

HairChalk is giving away a kit to one of my amazing readers! All you have to do is enter here, no purchase necessary! The contest is open to all, and the winner will have their choice of ANY product (one single color set of 6 OR one ombre set of 6 OR one ombre set of 12 OR one hair color pad). The giveaway will run for two weeks and the winner will be announced within 48 hours of the end date. Best of luck!

Happy Friday!







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