DIY Upholstered Patterned Ottoman

Having reupholstered my fair share of patterned furniture, I feel like I have concocted the best and easiest method for reupholstering an ottoman with patterned fabric for unprofessional decorators. Keeping the pattern seamless to the eye and maintaining the integrity of the fabric’s design is daunting if you cut the fabric too much. This tutorial explains how you can upholster your storage ottman like a pro in less than an hour and will save you lots of money whether you need to update an old one or pick one up at a thrift store or on sale because the color is fug.

Wanna do it?

You’ll need:
1 Ottoman
2 Yards of fabric
1 Pair of fabric or sharp scissors
1 Staple gun

DSC042721.  Place your fabric on top of the ottoman like a blanket. Make sure that it covers all sides with at least 4″ of extra fabric hanging on each side. If you need help making sure the fabric is straight, use a leveler.

DSC042732. Tuck the fabric under the lid so that there is about 1.5″ cleanly underneath it and begin cutting the fabric on the front side. Only make one cut, leaving the bottom piece of fabric completely in tact as one piece. Staple the front side into place underneath the lid before moving on. You’ll only need to staple every 1.5″ or so, about 1.5″ deep into the inside.

DSC042793. Now that the fabric is secured under the lid on the front side, finish cutting the entire way around with only one cut, leaving the bottom in one piece. Repeat step #2 on the back side, tucking the fabric in as needed using the scissors while closed.

DSC042854. After you’ve finished stapling all sides, pinch and fold the corners as shown below and staple those closed.

DSC042885. Starting with the front of the ottoman, hold the singular bottom piece of fabric up to the base and move it up or down to match the continuity of the pattern. Most importantly, tuck it in and close the lid so you can see how the pattern will match up while it’s closed. Adjust as needed and staple along the inside.

DSC042876. Repeat this process on the backside as well, again using the scissors to tuck as needed.

DSC042917.  Near the rear corners of the sides, you may have to make a cut on each in order to accommodate the print. Staple the fabric print from the backside, then make one vertical cut and line up the side then fold and staple at the bottom and on the inside at the top. The print should be lined up perfectly just using that one cut.

DSC042908. After you finish stapling the top of all sides, flip the ottoman on it’s side or upside down and staple the bottoms, starting first with the front, then the back, then the sides.

DSC042929. Flip it back over and admire your masterpiece!




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