DIY Scarf Canvas Art

DIY Chanel Silk Canvas Art

If you’re a silk scarf lover, you know that the first thing to die in their lives is their edges. Because of this, you can score major deals on couture pieces at consignment or thrift stores and eBay, and this easy DIY project is the perfect way to re-purpose them. I had snagged a gorgeous vintage Chanel silk scarf for about $30 because some of the edges were coming undone, and I always knew it would end up on my wall. Now that I’m settling in my new pad, I took a crack at making DIY scarf canvas art with it.

Wanna make one?

You’ll need:
1 Silk scarf (mine measures 31″ on all sides)
1 Canvas about 1″ smaller than the scarf you’re using (I bought a 30×30 canvas for $20)
1 Stapler + staples
An iron or a blowdryer

DIY Scarf Canvas art

1. Clean and iron your canvas. You can also mist it with some febreeze or fabric refresher and blow dry it to remove the wrinkles. Just be sure to use the steam setting and hold the iron away from the silk, and not to hold the blow dryer to the fabric for too long or you will burn it.

DIY Scarf Canvas art

2. Lay your clean wrinkle-free scarf over your canvas to gauge how it will lay once your scarf canvas art is finished.

DIY Scarf Canvas art

3. Flip both the canvas and the scarf upside down, preferably on a rug or a soft surface. Pull the edges taut on one side and wrap them around the edge to the backside of the canvas. Unhinge your stapler and begin stapling the scarf on the back of the canvas on the wood in sections no larger than 3″ at a time.


4. Repeat this process on the opposite parallel side, then on the remaining sides. DSC03950

5. Fold the corners of the silk against the wood like a present and staple twice after each fold.


6. Flip it around and and remove re-staple as needed if the silk is pulled too hard in any areas. I left mine imperfect because I like that it shows the fact that its fabric.

DIY Chanel Silk Canvas Art

Voila! Enjoy your new scarf canvas wall art!

Have you ever hung a garment on your wall?


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  • Reply
    Caitlin F.
    06/13/2014 at 1:38 pm

    omg LOVE this idea! I have a super old Missoni scarf I got from Loehmann’s (RIP) back in the day. I’m using it over my lamp right now, and this looks like a way better plan! Great post, lady!

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