DIY Chanel Camelia Flower Pin

Chanel Camelia Pin

Rolling right along with the re-purposing fabrics theme, this DIY Chanel Camelia flower pin is super easy and gives your fabric scraps a fabulous new life. The Chanel Camelia flower is one of the most iconic accessories of all time, and it’s spawned millions of copycat styles, this one now included. I altered a Chanel newsprint blouse and saved the extra fabric not knowing what I would do with it down the line until I found myself lusting after a gorgeous ethereal Camelia broach at the Chanel boutique at Saks. I used to make paper roses as a kid, and I wondered how hard could it be to make a fabric version? Turns out, its way easier, and the results are much prettier.

Chanel Camelia Pin

Wanna make one?

You’ll need:About 6″ long x 4″ wide pieces of thin, slightly stiff fabric like linen, chiffon, or tweed1 needle and thread in the color of your choice (it will barely show)1 large safety pin or bar pin1 pair of fabric scissors (or sharp scissors)


1. Cut about a 1.5″ strip of the fabric and roll it up like a burrito. Sew the base end to keep the shape of your stigma with at least two stitches but don’t cut the thread. This will be your stigma.


2. Cut your fabric into petal shaped pieces. They should measure about 2″ x 2.”


3. Wrap a petal around the base loosely and pull your needle and thread through the petal at the base of the stigma. If you’re using a fabric with a print, make sure the print side faces the stigma rather than the base. Place another petal on the opposite side and sew the needle and thread through it.


4. Continue this process until you have two layers going the entire way around the base.


5. Spread and fluff the petals away from the base using your fingers.

DIY Chanel Camelia Flower

6. Sew the safety or bar pin to the back, halfway down the base.


7. Pin it on! You’re done!

DIY Chanel Camelia Flower Pin

Are you a broach wearer? Yay or nay?




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