DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown Easy

Spring is the time of year to let you inner flower child out. What better way to set her free than with a custom reusable flower crown headband handcrafted by you? This kind of flower crown will last past your easter best through festival season.

Want to make a flower crown?

You’ll need:

24″ long thick floral wire
82″ long thin floral wire
Faux flowers of your choosing
1 bottle of superglue
1 Roll of flower tape (optional)
A pair of strong scissors or wire cutters

How to make a flower crown1.  Wrap your thicker floral wire around your head, from the top of your forehead to close to the nape of your neck. This wire will be the base of your crown, and you will want to have at least 4″ of extra wire to adjust and wrap the ends to secure them.

Flower Crown DIY

2. Secure the ends of the base wire around your head, leaving two fingertips worth of room between your dome and the wire.

How to make a flower crown tutorial

3. Select the “blooms” you want to use, and detach them from the “stems” by pulling them off. They should pop off, leaving a clean hole at the base of the bud.

transparent flower crown

4. Arrange your buds around your base wire to experiment with different placements and patterns working in one type of flower at a time. This will give you a good idea of how the finished crown will look. Smaller buds will give you a subtle finish, while larger blooms will result in more of a statement piece. If you’re mixing both, a good rule of thumb is to put larger blooms next to smaller buds for balance.

DIY Flower Crown

Flower Crown Headband DIY

How to make a transparent flower crown

Flower Crown DIY

5. Cut about 4″ of the thinner floral wire. For some larger blooms, you will be able to thread through the middle. When this is the case, simply bend the end twice after threading through to keep it from slipping through.

How to make a flower crownFlower Crown DIY

6. For smaller buds, squeeze a small amount of superglue on the ends and insert  the ends into the base of buds on both ends.

DIY Flower Crown

7. Wrap the flower tipped smaller floral wires around the base crown, staying as close to your planned pattern as possible. If you stray, no biggie, it’s supposed to look free spirited. Repeat steps 5-7 until you’ve covered as much of the base crown as you’d like. If you don’t like the way the base looks, cover the wires with the floral tape.

Flower Crown DIY

I left mine vine covered and wild because that’s how I roll.

DIY Flower Crown Easy 

You’re done! Let your flower child run free.

DIY Flower Crown Easy

Now you know how to make a flower crown. Where will you be wearing yours?



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