DIY Sunglasses Display Case

My search for the perfect storage for my eyewear collection has led me down the DIY road once again. I wanted something that would blend in with my decor and would keep them safe while on display for easy dressing. Since I couldn’t find one, I came up with this DIY sunglasses display case that is super easy and inexpensive to make.

Wanna make one?

You’ll need:

1 Shadow box frame1 Pen
1 Marker
Self adhesive contact paperScissorsExacto knife or power drill

1. Remove the backing of the frame and flip it over.

DSC044252. Lay the sunglasses down on the backing and mark where the arms lay on each side using your marker.

DSC044263. If your backboard is cardboard, you can use scissors or an exacto knife for this step. If its wood or particle board like mine, use a power drill to make holes large enough for the arms of the sunglasses where you marked them.

DSC044274. Test your holes to make sure that they are the right size to fit your sunglasses before moving on to the next step. They should be large enough to easily place the sunglasses in and fold the arms in back with little to no effort. If they don’t fit easily, make your holes a little bigger.

DSC044285. Once your holes are complete, lay your backing on the back of your contact paper and trace it with a pen.

DSC044316. Cut the paper using your scissors along the line you traced. Peel and place the sticky side of the contact paper over the inside of the frame backing.

DSC044347. Using your finger, find the holes underneath and poke slowly through the holes using your sunglasses arms.

DSC044368. Smooth the contact paper around the edges of the holes through the back using your fingers. Repeat steps 7-8 until all the holes are uncovered. Place your sunglasses arms through the rest of the holes.

DSC045059. Fold the arms of your sunglasses in the back, and return the backing to the frame. You can leave the glass on, or take it off, depending on if you prefer easier access or to protect them from dust.


You’re done! I hope you love your custom sunglasses display case as much as I do!xoBB

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