DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

I had been on the hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend style short overalls while the world was busy analyzing elevator footage of Solange Knowles. They had to be shorts, but not too short, distressed, and white, but not too white, with gold hardware. Feeling like the goldilocks of shortalls, I stumbled upon a pair of light canvas colored Dickie’s overalls in a thrift store and knew that the time had come for me to make my unicorn unitard shorts happen with a little DIY.

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

Wanna make some?
You’ll need:
1 pair of loose fitting men’s overalls
1 pair of scissors
1 small bottle of bleach and a spray bottle or bleach based cleaner in a spray bottle
A washer and dryer

1. Put on your overalls and mark where you will be cutting them into shorts. Always mark beneath where you will be cutting.

2. Cut the pant legs off straight across where you marked, and when in doubt, give yourself a little length because you can always make them shorter after the initial cut, or cuff them. I left mine long enough to cuff.

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

3. Pinch the fabric in the sections you want to distress with cuts, and snip with the scissors.

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

4. Continue cutting wherever you’d like, and remove any tags if you feel like it.

5. Take a step back and examine your overalls to see if you need to make any additional cuts before moving on to step 6.

6. Mix your bleach with equal parts water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle (or skip this and use bleach based cleaner in a spray bottle). Hang your overalls and spray the diluted bleach first on the distressing and then all over the rest of the overalls. Let them sit in the tub or shower for 15 minutes or so.DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

7. Wash them in a washing machine with regular detergent and then dry on medium heat.

8. Trim any excess string.

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

You’re done! Enjoy your new distressed boyfriend shortalls!

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Overalls

Have you ever DIY’ed something because you couldn’t buy it anywhere? Tell me!

xo BB



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