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Elizabeth and James Feather JacketJill Stuart Lace Illusion DressChanel Bow Back Mary Jane Shoes

Jacket: Elizabeth and James (similar here). Dress: Jill Stuart (similar here). Headband: Urban Outfitters. Clutch: Chanel. Shoes: Chanel. Tights: Wolford. Lip: Mac, Mac Red. Nails: Essie, Really Red.

I recently celebrated another year of life, and before I did some major reflecting or attended my party, I of course took a few shots of my guest of honor getup. I squeezed these photos in before I finished my hair, so please ignore the tress mess at the ends. Speaking of which, I am really getting anxious to donate my mop in the spring to Locks of Love for the third time! I was not meant to have long hair, because I can’t stand spending time blow drying the mane. It works out well: since I rarely bother, my hair farm is well harvested for someone who needs it more than I do. I wrote down some musings or Ten Things I Learned this past decade. Much of it was realized the hard way at first, and accepting and living by all of it has made me a happier person. Cheers!

  1. It’s been said more than a million times that you can’t choose your family. But the truth is, your family chooses you. They are the people around you, blood or not, who have stuck by your side through the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. Care less about what people think, and always remember when you get anxious that no one else pays as much attention to your faults as you do. Unless of course you have a crazy sick stalker. If that is the case, call 911.
  3. Don’t concern yourself with “milestones.” Rich, right? Coming from me on my birthday. Anyway, if people around you are getting promoted, getting married, and having babies or curing diseases or saving orphans and you’re not, don’t sweat it. Be happy for them if they are happy and you love them. Don’t measure your happiness against what other people are doing. Please.
  4. If you are truly happy and your friend is not happy for you, they are not your friend. Within reason of course. If you run off with a meth addicted drummer after knowing him or her for two weeks and this friend questions your choices, he or she is probably your friend.
  5. Be a good listener, and a good observer. Take the time to really listen and see how people’s words turn to action, and think about what you really want to say and do before speaking and acting. Even if it takes a while.
  6. If you are not happy with what you are doing, change it. You are the only person in charge of your life and in case you haven’t heard, you live once.
  7. If you are passionate about something, make time for it. Whether you start a meetup group, a blog, bake croissants, or volunteer your time or paint on a canvas, knit or sew, always feed that fire.
  8. If you don’t wear SPF on your face and exposed skin every day, start now.
  9. Take a walk every day. You’ll get exercise and do your best thinking.
  10. Wear what makes you happy and take what you like from trends but don’t be a slave to any of them. The best personal style is your own.

What have you learned in the past ten years? Share in the comments!

xo BB

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