My Honest Review of Accufit

My Honest Review of Accufit

I recently shared on my stories that I tried Accufit, a muscle toning treatment that uses an electrical stimulation device. It boasts the ability to strengthen, tone, and builds muscle in as little as 30 to 60 minutes. In an effort to regain core strength after having three big babies that blasted my abs ten ways to Tuesday, I was curious to see if trying Accufit would help.

Here is my honest review of Accufit:

The price varies by location so I will not be discussing pricing here, but the cost is similar to Emsculpt or TruScuplt (other muscle stimulating devices). Unlike Emsculpt which uses electromagnetic waves, ACCUFIT is an electrical stimulation device. I tried it out at Elivate Med Spa, which is the only med spa that I personally trust.

My Honest Review of Accufit

First, leeds are applied all over the area. In this case, they were applied to my abdomen. The area is then wrapped with a compressive velcro-closure garment, and the only way I could describe that would be that it is similar to the postpartum girdle new moms are given in most hospitals.

Once the machine was turned on, and I felt my abdominal muscles contracting right away. Sometimes it tickled a little bit, but I did not feel any pain and it was quiet enough that I was able to take calls.

I did not notice a visual physical difference in my abdomen after the first treatment, but I was surprised to find that the next day during my Tonal workout, I felt my abdominal muscles engaging more than usual even during upper body and lower body moves. I wish I had known about this sooner because I do think Accufit would have been very helpful to add to my post partum regiment. I think it’s worth doing Accufit in conjunction with a workout plan, but I do not think it replaces actual exercise. I am going to do another treatment in my quest to see if I can forgo a tummy tuck.




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