Ice Globes Are Best Beauty Tool Of The Year

Fraîcheur Ice Globes

There. I said it. Ice Globes are the best beauty tool of the year. You can throw out your jade roller now if hasn’t broken already. I first experienced the magic of ice globes during this facial. They moved to the top of my beauty tool wish list and stayed there until they were included in this sale

Fraîcheur Ice Globes

I used to keep spoons in the freezer for de-puffing my tired eyes, but they simply didn’t stay cold after applying and they did not smoothly glide on my skin. The Fraîcheur Ice Globes solve all the freezer-spoon problems, and quickly and effectively de-puff and de-stress my skin. I’ve been looking for alternative methods to help assuage my overnight jaw-clenching pain, and these help so much. They also aid in lymphatic drainage, shrink pores, reduce redness and improve circulation. Most importantly, they make my skin look and feel amazing even after a rough night as pictured above.

Fraîcheur Ice Globes

One thing of note: while the Fraîcheur website claims that the liquid does not freeze, however, it does freeze to ice when kept in my freezer. I actually like when they’re frozen, I simply run them under some lukewarm water for a few seconds so that the ice can move freely in liquid. They can be kept in your fridge and will stay ice cold in there as well.

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