The Best Hair Oil

The Best Hair Oil

Like most normal homo sapiens, this current cold climate was wreaking havoc on my hair. Using this hair mask once a week is keeping my hair feeling hydrated on the day of, but I needed something more for the in-between time. That’s when I went in search of the best remedy for my straw-like strands and happened upon the cure.

This right here is the best hair oil:

The Best Hair Oil

The Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil has changed my winter hair game. Here is my hair on day #2 after a wash and using a hair wand:

The Best Hair Oil

I had never had the best experience with hair oil because my hair is straight and fine and limp and oily at the roots unless it is freshly washed. The Gisou oil does not weigh my hair down, and my ends literally soak it up. Immediately after the first few times I applied it, my ends felt soft and silky and no longer felt or looked dry.

My top tips for using the Gisou oil:

1. Apply on wet hair. It works best when worked through just washed damp hair. I don’t recommend putting it on your roots unless your roots are very dry.

2. Comb it through. Brush or comb it through your strands to help evenly distribute the oil.

3. Don’t over do it. A little of this product goes a long way. I recommend using 1-3 drops depending on how dense your hair is.

4. Use very last drop. Whatever is left on your hands, rub it on your cuticles, knuckles and palms. As an added bonus, using this method had helped me avoid cracked winter skin on my digits. Two birds.

Happy hair oiling!





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