The Best Hair Mask

The best hair mask

I casually mentioned to my friend the other day that my hair had seen better days. Normally when my hair is short it looks and feels healthier, but between the sun, the sand, and pool, my ends were feeling dehydrated. Since cutting my hair short, I still try to hold off on washing at least every two days, however, my lob requires a bit more styling than my long locks. Rather than air dry every other wash, I feel like I need to blow it out (I love using this). My friend suggested I try a hair mask she was loving, and I’m sold.

Here is the best hair mask:

The Verb Hydrating Hair Mask has brought my dry, dull strands back to life. I have oily roots, so I only apply it to my ends at the beginning of a shower and voila. After just five minutes, I wash it out and my hair is silky and smooth and doesn’t get weighed down, which has been my biggest hair mask peeve.

You can get it here, here and here.

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    The Best Hair Oil – Glam York
    02/01/2022 at 8:32 am

    […] most normal homo sapiens, this current cold climate was wreaking havoc on my hair. Using this hair mask once a week is keeping my hair feeling hydrated on the day of, but I needed something more for the […]

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