One Hit Wonder

Mane Club ONE HIT WONDER 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray

I thought of a detangler as the thing that I spray on my daughter’s hair after a bath to ease her bedhead come morning, until I tried Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder. I have never been a fan of leave-in conditioner (or any leave-in products for that matter). Here is why I’ve swtiched:

My hair is fine and straight, so pretty much anything “leave-in” tends to weigh my strands down, leaving them flat and oily. Mane Club describes the One Hit Wonder as a 10-in-1, and I will admit I was originally afraid: 10 things is a lot of things and therefore sounds heavy.  Made without cruelty, parabens, sulphites or any of the bad stuff, it boasts the ability to prevent breakage, detangle, condition, protect from heat damage, smooth, prevent frizz and more.

Since using it, I haven’t needed to apply my usual heat protectant, and I haven’t seen any signs of frizz. I was experiencing heat damage, particularly in my new curtain bangs, since they need to be blow dried or straightened to hold their shape. This spray has truly changed the game for me, because it’s so light and hydrating and smells amazing but subtle.

Is Mane Club a one hit wonder? Definitely not. I also love the Going Viral 3-in-1 Dry Shampoo for volume on dirty hair day styling and the Cha Ching Moisturizing Hair Mask. If you can’t get enough or you’re down to try it, Mane Club is offering us an exclusive 15% coupon code with code GlamYork15.

Big thank you to Mane Club for partnering on this post.



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