5 Things You Need To Know About Curtain Bangs

5 Things You Need To Know About Curtain Bangs

True life: I got curtain bangs. I had been out of the bang game since 2008, when I went for full, thick, straight bangs to keep my face warm through a brutal cold Chicago winter. Last week, I was due for a trim. When my stylist asked what I wanted to do, I told her I was so bored with my hair that I was contemplating bangs. I told her of my recent habitual pinning of curtain bangs, and she said if there was a time to try ’em, the time was now. Why? Bangs work best when your face is not perspiring all day long, so fall / winter / spring are the ideal months to try the style.

If you are considering it, here are 5 things you need to know about curtain bangs:

1. They are not maintenance free. While in my pinning frenzy, I was struck by the amount of times I read that curtain bangs are “low maintenance.” While I can attest that they are lower maintenance than the shorter, classic straight bangs, they are more maintenance than my previous bang-free blunt long bob. If I’m wearing my hair down, I have to style the curtain bangs or wear a headband. Here is what they look like freshly blow dried without styling:

Curtain Bangs Long Bob

2. They can be pulled back in a ponytail. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am able to pull them back into a high ponytail (team high pony for life). If a low pony is your thing, just know they probably won’t make it into the elastic. They do, however, look cute framing the face with a low or medium height low pony.

3. They are volumizing. I have straight, fine hair which tends to get limp by the end of the day. The curtain bangs have given my mane a much needed little lift. Here is what they look like on a hair wash day after wearing a hat while playing with my kids in the snow:

Curtain Bangs Long Bob

4. They are meant to be worn in a middle part. You have probably heard by now that Gen Z has proclaimed a side part “uncool.” Perhaps this has influenced the new “it bangs.” The new curtain bangs are meant to be worn with a center part. Swept in a side part, they turn into the side swept bangs of the early 2000’s (yes, I had those too).

5. You might need new styling tools. With my Robert (long blunt bob) I had only been using this brush to dry my strands. My hair just wants to be straight and limp, so I have had to go back to my regular blow dyer and I invested in a round brush. I have busted out my straightener, which I haven’t used in years, to feather the bangs away from my face for a retro 70’s vibe.

Curtain Bangs Long Bob

I am loving that the curtain bangs camouflage my postpartum hair loss and makes my in-between length feel more stylish. However, I am pretty lazy about styling my hair (if I am being totally honest), so I may not be the ideal candidate for bangs of any variety. If you’re thinking of trying bangs for the first time, curtain bangs are a great gateway: since they’re longer, they’re not a long-term commitment. On that note, I will likely keep my curtain bangs at least until summer.

Would you try curtain bangs?



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    […] and I haven’t seen any signs of frizz. I was experiencing heat damage, particularly in my new curtain bangs, since they need to be blow dried or straightened to hold their shape. This spray has truly […]

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