How We Are Celebrating Halloween During The Pandemic

How We Are Celebrating Halloween During The Pandemic

This has become a hot topic in my dm’s, so I’m going to share how we are celebrating Halloween during the pandemic. I realize that everyone’s personal situation is different, and things are very different safety-wise depending on where you live. Based on where we are and our own health situation, we came up with a few fun and safe ways to make (not break) the holiday for our children.

We live in a town that is not in the red, and we are not immune compromised, but we are maintaining social distance from others except for our “quaranteam” and we are strict mask-wearers in all public spaces. My boys (5 and 3) are so excited about Halloween and have been asking about Trick or Treating nonstop. My daughter doesn’t really care, because she is a baby (1.5). Here are some of the ways we are celebrating Halloween this year:

  1. The Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze. We took the kids to see this spectacular Jack O’Lantern display outside an old manor in New York. If you have anything like this locally, I highly recommend going. They are still talking about it and my middle child wants to go back again.
  2. Halloween Books. I added some festive books to our bedtime routine. In case you missed it, I shared my favorites here. They also make great candy-free gifts.
  3. Ghosting. A local mom friend came up with this idea, which is similar to a secret Santa, wherein a each member of the group is assigned a family to anonymously doorstep-drop goodies for the kids along with “Boo’s” for the mom. The kids decorated ghost print outs and hung them next to our door to welcome the ghost, and they are so excited for the special surprise visitor.
  4. Decorating. I did more decorating than usual to get my brood in the Halloween mood. I loved how happy it made them so much, that I might be making it a new tradition.
  5. Backyard Halloween Hunt. Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, so I’m taking advantage of that and having a few close friends over with their kids for a little socially distanced candy and toy hunt in my backyard.
  6. Trick or Treating, abbreviated. I live on a small street, so I’m sending out a group email to my neighbors and letting them know that I will be leaving out a bowl of candy (which is recommended by the CDC for safest way to trick or treat). If my kids can go to two participating houses front steps or driveways on our block, I’ll be thrilled.

How are you celebrating Halloween during the pandemic?



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