The New Normal Under Coronavirus Quarantine

The New Normal Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Given that our lives have now been completely turned upside down, I wanted to address something that has been bothering me in the wake of Coronavirus quarantine. Following school closures last week, and now state mandated closures of pretty much everything, many of us and our partners are out of work, or working from home. We are fortunate to have the ability to do so, as many do not, and some are in a state of panic and dread wondering how we are going to sustain the lives we once had. Some of us are fortunate that our school system and amazing dedicated teachers put together a distance learning packet and lesson plans. However, the one thing that is bothering me a bit though, is that while some parents are able to homeschool their children all day, many are not, and if you fall under that category, I want to tell you that it’s OK. It’s OK to not follow an hour by hour planned school day because you are still expected to meet deadlines, attend every meeting, and finish every project. It’s OK if you are a stay at home parent and can’t carry a perfectly planned schedule for your school aged children because you have other children or babies or family members to care for. Its OK if you are feeling world-ending-anxiety and the weight of carrying all of this on your shoulders is crushing. That is the new normal, and it’s not going to be picture perfect. Try to see past the social media portrayals of perfect scheduling and completed lesson plans and adjust your expectations of yourself. I promise you, no one is getting all of this done every single day while making every deadline. If your kid gets get one worksheet done and you cross one thing off your list or none at all you are doing it right. Give yourself a pass and let them watch extra movies. Get some air and go for a walk, or don’t, and just snuggle them close while the endless to-do list piles up.

If there is one thing this pandemic and implosion of our daily lives has shown us, it’s that life is short and can change in an instant. Give yourself, and your kids, a freaking break. It’s OK.



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