5 Best Ways To Get Winter Skin Relief

5 Best Ways To Get Winter Skin Relief

For some of us, dry January has a meaning other than laying off the booze. Today is National Winter Skin Relief Day, and since I am a serious sufferer of winter skin probs, I’ve been experimenting with many methods to find the cure for my cracked cuticles (and, well, everything else). In addition to drinking at least a gallon of water a day (I stay on it using this bottle), I’m finally managing scaley skin season using these methods.

Here are the 5 best ways to get winter skin relief:

1. Don’t go outside without moisturizer.

This may sound like a “duh,” but making sure I apply moisturizer the second after I wash my face has made a huge difference this season.

2. Never skip the lips.

Always keeping lip balm (I love this one) or lipstick on your pout helps keep winter chap away from your trap. I’ve discovered that I have to rotate my matte lipsticks with semi matte and satin finishes as the latter tend to be less drying.

3. Butter and oil yourself.

Using both body butter (this set is a great value if you have been wanting to try this brand) and dry oil  makes a big difference in holding moisture in skin. Layering is not just for outfits right now.

4. Wear night cream.

Every night. I notice a difference in my skin if I forget to apply night moisturizer for just one night in the dead of winter. I’ve been keeping my cream right next to my bed on my nightstand so I won’t miss it.

5. Moisturize your air.

A huge reason we suffer from winter skin is the lack of moisture in the environment, and central heating only makes matters worse. Running a humidifier replaces that moisture in the air and your skin. Run one of these in your bedroom at night. Trust.

How are you battling dry skin season? Leave your tips in the comments!



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