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10 Favorite Outfits From 2019

Daydreamer Biggie Pop Color King Tee

2019 will be hard to beat. Welcoming my daughter into the world and watching my sons become the best of friends made the past year unforgettable. It is so humbling to think that this time last year I was rolling on my side to get off the couch, and now Rocky is just two months shy of her first birthday. We already have so memories together; it truly feels like she has been in my life as long as my oldest friend. At the same time, the year went by so quickly that I sometimes feel like I just had her last week. I can still feel the chills run up my spine as I watched the snow fall outside the hospital window when Bryan came into the room wearing cornflower blue scrubs and moonwalked to calm me down because he was the only person who knew how scared I was to be cut open again. I was cracking jokes to everyone else, feigning that it was old hat. Everyone tells you when you have your first baby that “it goes by fast,” but I can attest it goes even faster with each child. There is a big part of me that wants to hold on to 2019 forever, but I’m excited and ready for 2020 even if it means my little girl won’t be so little much longer. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

ANYWAY I took a look back at the outfit archives and rounded up my favorites (some of which are on sale now).

Here are my 10 favorite outfits from 2019:

Saint Laurent Robot Baseball T ShirtFree People Summer of Love KimonoSugarhigh Lovestoned Spiritual Advisor CoverallsMadeworn Led Zeppelin Electric Magic Teespell and the gypsy collective Wild Bloom Midi DressRhode Ella Colorblock Fluted Hem DressPitusa Chevron Patterned Indian ThrobeDaydreamer Biggie Pop Color King TeeSCOTCH & SODA Luxury Lambswool Longline Sweater

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for reading and following along. Happy New Year!



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