3 Loungewear Sets I Swear By

Free People Bicoastal Set

Yes, I like to get dressed up even though most days I’m taking care of my kids and working from home. However, I have my fair share of moods where it’s just a grey rainy day and I’m not feeling up to putting on real pants. On those days, I reach for loungewear. I recently realized that there are three outfits in particular that I’ve been wearing on heavy rotation. These three outfits have three things in common: they’re super comfy, coordinated, but casual cool and put together enough that I don’t look like I’m wearing pajamas in public.

Here are the 3 loungewear sets I swear by:

Splendid Waffle Knit Set

Splendid Hooded Flight Cardigan

The Splendid Hooded Flight Cardigan is sold out in most sizes on most sites for good reason. Some sizes are on sale on sale right here. I love it paired with the brand’s matching Waffle Knit Joggers and one of their Classic 1×1 tank tops tucked in (the olive color is my favorite). They’re slimming and I swear the sexiest sweatpants ever. I realize that sounds like an oxymoron. They even look cute with crop tops because they’re nice and high waisted.

The FP Beach Bicoastal Set

Free People Bicoastal Set

This jumpsuit set saved my postpartum life. If you’ve had a c-section, I know you feel me on your fear of “hard pants” for a few months. The Bicoastal Set was one of my only outfits that I didn’t bother my surgery site at all, so I wore it lounging around the house and out and about, and I still do. I have the charcoal grey and both pieces work so well together or alone. Every time I wear the full outfit, someone stops me to ask where I got it. Please, Free People, bring back more colors!

Cozy Knit Leopard Set

Chaser Cozy Knit Hoodie

I ordered the pair of shorts that goes with this set on sale earlier this summer and ended up wearing them so much, I had to have everything made in this fabric. The print is perfect leopard, and its just. so. soft. I recently ordered this hoodie (on sale in some sizes here and here) and the joggers (select sizes marked down here). Worn together, it’s definitely a lot of leopard, but I love it and will be wearing it on cozy nights in and won’t think twice about running errands in it in with combat boots the colder months.

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