5 Things That Surprise Me About My Third Pregnancy

5 Things That Surprise Me About My Third Pregnancy

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I figured a pregnancy update was just about due. Yesterday, my mom and sister in law hosted the most beautiful sprinkle for me and my close friends and family. It was so perfect, and it made me finally believe that I am actually having a daughter in 10 weeks. To mark the occasion, here are 5 things that have surprised me about my third pregnancy.

1. I don’t know how far along I am unless I check my app. With my first pregnancy, I could tell you how many weeks and days the second I was asked. Second time around, I could tell you how many weeks. This time -wait hold on let me look it up- a need a minute to open up Bump before I get back to you on that.

2. It has actually gone by fast. My first pregnancy was the longest 40 weeks ever, second only to the two weeks my son spent in the NICU. Those days felt like years. During my second pregnancy, my husband said, “this one has gone so fast,” and I’m pretty sure my head spun around 360 degrees and then I replied with, “oh I am sure it has, for everyone else who is not pregnant and throwing up every single day.” This time, I have to admit, it has actually flown by. These final weeks however, they’re crawling.

3. I am not afraid of the birth. With my first, I wasn’t really afraid of giving birth (sadly I should have been since it didn’t go well). I was more afraid of becoming a mother (luckily I shouldn’t have been because clearly I love it). With my second, I was so afraid of the c-section. I had never even had surgery other than having my wisdom teeth removed. But since I had four surgeries over the past year (two on my foot, one on my leg and a c-section), and I am not afraid anymore. Knowing what to expect with the c-section and the recovery brings me peace.

4. Every pregnancy is truly different. I heard this so many times, but I never really believed it until now. So many moms told me each pregnancy gets worse, and while I would have to say my second was my worst due to extreme nausea and vomiting, I can attest that each pregnancy gets a little more painful. My back pain currently has me feeling like a prisoner in my own body most days.

5. The “congratulatory” commentary. There is so much to say about this, it’s going to have to be a whole entire post on its own. One friend (who has three kids himself BTW), congratulated my husband on our news by making a snipping motion with his fingers and saying “I got a guy.” Some people can barely muster a congratulations without mentioning that we are done having kids in the same breath, or remarking that we had to have another because we had two boys in a row. Yes, I am thrilled to be having a daughter, but I wanted another child and would have been happy with another boy (they’re kind of the best).

Let the 10 week countdown begin.



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