My 3 Beauty Resolutions

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I’m not big on the New Year’s resolution thing, but after realizing that I’m slacking in some areas of my beauty routine, I resolved to make some changes going in to 2018.

Here are my 3 beauty resolutions:

1. Never sleep with makeup on. I thought I was far past this as of middle school, but the other night I was so exhausted from a long day with the boys that I passed out with my makeup still on. I was so annoyed with myself especially when I saw makeup on my white pillowcase that I made a vow that if I am tired and about to lay down, it’s time to wash my face. Facepalm.

2. Get regular facials. It’s a general rule in the beauty realm that you need a facial every 3-5 weeks. I am so, so bad about this. The truth of the matter is, when I have time and money to spend at a spa, I always want a massage. If I can’t manage a facial with a skincare professional each month, I will at least exfoliate then go into the steam room at the gym. Good enough, right?

3. Wear night cream every night. As I mentioned above, sometimes I am just so tired before I hit the sheets that I just go to sleep and -ahem- forget things. I’m definitely better about wearing my night moisturizer in the winter, but I know it’s time to get serious about making night cream an indispensable part of my nightly routine year round.

What are your beauty resolutions?



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