Spring Cleansing With Jus By Julie

After the deviled eggs and chocolate eggs, my body needed a break post Easter. However, my usual three to five day spring juice cleanse would have to wait since I am still the source of my son’s milk. There couldn’t have been a better time to try Jus by Julie’s one day cleanse.

Not only is this juice cleanse safe, it is also feasible for a nursing mama and anyone else who gets straight up hangry. I typically do a juice cleanse two or three times a year, and the Jus By Julie cleanse was by far the easiest. While it is possible that it felt like a breeze because it was only one day, I suspect it had more to do with the fact that the juices are blended rather than pressed. Because of the blended nature, the Juses are much more filling than a typical juice cleanse. What this means it that they contain the fibers of the plants and nuts (and even coconut meat), so the consistency falls somewhere between a pressed juice and a smoothie (sans ice). More importantly, they are crazy delicious (hello Chia Berry!).

I also tried the Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee, and I loved it which is a big deal because I am a huge coffee (and pizza) snob. Hey, it’s all about balance.

If you’re interested in spring cleansing with Jus By Julie, you can get a 3 day JUS cleanse (normally $150 + shipping) for $129 with 12 free booster shots and free shipping with code GLAMYORKJUS through 4/30.

Happy cleansing!



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