The 90s Nail Trend I Am Loving

The 90s Nail Trend I am Loving

The 90’s marked my very first and most experimental fashion choices. Remnants of 90’s influence remain a prominent force in my permanent collection from favorite thrift store flannels, overalls, to the many iterations of combat boots. While there are a lot of 90’s trends I just can’t go back to (adios low-waisted jeans), there is one beauty trend I am having a lot of fun with lately. Here is the 90’s nail trend I am loving:

When I first saw it coming back, I thought the french manicure was kind of boring. For my first toe (or better yet hand) dip back in french mani game, I started with a classic white tip with a twist. Instead of the standard pink nail bed, I chose an iridescent pink, inspired by the beautiful unicorn bag my husband gifted me for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised when it still looked fresh two weeks later. Because of the neutral color of the nail beds, regrowth is camouflaged. I was hooked.

Iridescent French manicure

CND Shellac in Studio White, The Gel Bottle In Oceania

The second time, I decided to experiment with color on the tips and some nail art inspired by Valentine’s Day. This time, it lasted three weeks and the roots were nearly invisible. I almost felt bad having it soaked off a full 3 weeks later because it looked as fresh as the first day (if you didn’t look closely at my cuticles).

IBValentine's Day Inspired Manicure

IBD Gel Polish in Tickled Pink, The Gel Bottle in Starlight, OPI Gel in Big Apple Red

For my latest adventure, I took inspiration from my daughter’s favorite movie, Frozen, because I plan on not having to change them (I know they’ll still look great and frankly I don’t have time) before her birthday party this weekend. I chose turquoise glitter tips and an icy glitter base. Pro tip: glitter gel polish tends to chip the least.

The Gel Bottle in Frozen Garden and Jasmine.

Raquel approves!

Are you here for this nail trend, or are you leaving it in the 90’s?




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