Marc Jacobs Contour & Glow

Marc Jacobs Beauty Contour and Glow Brush Collection

Replacing your makeup brushes is the beauty equivalent of getting a teeth cleaning. You know you need to do it but you put it off, even though you know you’ll feel amazing and so fresh afterward. The holiday season is the best time to replace your brushes, as beauty brands tend to release some of their most luxe tools at a discount. If new brushes are at the top of your wish list or you know a beauty buff in need, the brand spankin’ new limited edition Marc Jacobs Beauty Contour and Glow set should end your search. Here are three reasons why:

1. Value.

The bronze brush alone is at least $78 everywhere else, so you’re saving $49. It’s like getting one of the other brushes for free, and $10 off the third. Plus, you can get free shipping with code SHIP. That’s a big deal.

2. Quality.

I’ve had some pretty impressive brushes brush my mug, and to be honest, these may be the softest bristles my face has ever felt. The fibers are so fine, they leave no trace behind of ever having been there. The handles are also a perfect weight and size, and the overall look and feel of the brushes is just luxurious. Also of note, the bristles are made with antibacterial hairs.

3. Completeness.

You won’t need more than these three brushes to apply your makeup, contour, bronzer and blush. This fool proof shaped brush set should help lighten your load if you’re currently over-carrying.

What are you looking to replace in your beauty bag this season?



Marc Jacobs Beauty Contour and Glow Brush Collection $105 c/o Marc Jacobs Beauty.



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