DIY 20’s Lace Headband

DIY Lace Headband

I’m a member of the don’t wash your hair more than thrice a week camp. Between workouts and sweaty summer days, creative solutions are mandatory for me and my fellow campers. My latest search for styling my not so fresh locks led me to seek a crown costume that could pass for a fancy hair accessory at a soiree as swank as a wedding. Only a custom eyelash lace number would do.

Wanna make one?
You’ll need:
1/2 yard of 1/2″ wide eyelash lace
1/2  yard of velvet backed elastic
1 pair of fabric scissors
1 needle thread in the color of your choice

1. Wrap your lace from the front of your forehead down to the nape of your neck and cut the lace leaving about 1″ on each end.

 DIY Lace Headband2. Cut about 6″ of elastic and wrap the end of the lace thrice. Sew it closed, stitching at least twice from top to bottom.

 DIY Twenties Headband

3. Repeat this step on the opposite end, and then tie the parallel strings on the top and bottom to one another in a bow.

 DIY Lace Headband

You’re done!

You can now be a well tressed Rambo at your next black tie event.

What do you wear on your dome on no-wash days? Tell me!
xo BB



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