DIY Fringe Armlet

DIY Fringe Armlet

The season is upon us, so rather than scrambling to find Festival accessories, let’s keep making our own! Now that we have our flower crown, we’ll need another eye catching accessory for day two (or three). Give your head a break from heavy lifting and beautify your biceps with a super easy three step DIY fringe arm bracelet. Also known as the armlet, this boho luxe look is the perfect addition to nearly any spring or summer ensemble and this version is super easy. Plus, making your own ensures that not only will it be one of a kind, you’ll also end up with a perfect flattering custom fit that store bought elastic band upper arm decor simply cannot  match.

Wanna make one?

You’ll need:

1 Pair of fabric scissors
1 half yard of 4” or 6” long chainette fringe (I got the ombre fringe at M&J Trimming)
1 pair of size 3/0 sew on snaps
12″ thread
1 sewing needle
1 pen

Diy Fringe Arm Bracelet1. Wrap your fringe around your upper bicep area, wherever you’d like your armlet to sit, and  make a mark where the end of the length it should be to fit snugly but not too tight. Cut the fringe about 1/4″ away from the mark.

DIY Ombre Fringe Bracelet

2. Fold the end of the top edge of the fringe trim on the far right corner inward about 1/4 of an inch away from the mark. Begin sewing the larger (female) half of the snap button on the outer side on the opposite side of the fold. Stitch all four of the openings and tie the thread shut on the inner side opposite to where the snap button sits.

DIY Fringe Bracelet

3. Fold the upper outer left side corner at the top of the fringe inward about 1/4″ from the end. Sew the smaller (male) piece on the inner side of the upper band, stitching all openings and tying the thread with a double knot once again when you’re finished.

DIY Fringe Armlet

That’s it! You’re done.

DIY Fringe Arm Bracelet

Enjoy your new upper arm candy!

Will you be adorning your upper arms this festival season?

xo BB


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