Everything You Need To Know About The New Chanel Kelly Bag

Chanel Kelly Bag Pink 2023

I haven’t loved a Chanel bag at first sight since the iridescent green mini of 2021. However, the moment I laid eyes on the new Chanel Kelly bag (as its been dubbed by the streets) coming down the runway, I got ALL OF the butterflies. Even if you are not a Chanel collector or follower of Chanel news, you have probably seen this bag on the crook of Margot Robbie’s arm or held by her perfectly manicured hands throughout the Barbie movie press tour. There is a lot of misinformation about this bag, which lands in boutiques today, and is officially called the Mini Shopping Bag. I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview session prior to the launch and I got the inside scoop. I am here to separate fact from fiction. Not all heroes wear capes.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Chanel Kelly Bag:

To quote my SA, “this bag is a situation.” It is in hot demand, and supply is very limited. The majority of these are going straight from reserve lists to clients’ hands, so if you want to try your luck, today is a good day to head to your local Chanel boutique to snatch any that are declined by reservees or any surprise extras. Chanel boutiques do not know if how many of each they will get beyond their reserve lists, but they do know which colors will arrive in their boutiques, so be sure to ask beforehand if its a trip and you have a particular shade in mind.

The main colors launching today are black and “coral pink” and it comes in a durable and beautiful shiny aged calfskin. Rumors are swirling that the bag comes in three sizes, but that is false. It comes two sizes:  a micro size (which at 3.2” x 4.9” x 1.5” does not fit a phone), and a large size (which at 5.1” x 7.4” x 2.7” does fit a phone and is close to the size of a small classic flap). It will also be available in a grey / blue, white, and a soft pink. It will also be released in wool jersey fabric in act 2.

Of note, the micro size is considered a small leather good and the large size is considered a handbag (but it does not count against the classic bag cap). I tried on both today, and the micro, while too small for my needs, is absolutely adorable. I expected to dislike it, but it was too cute. It would be like hating a puppy.

Chanel Micro Shopping Tote

Micro, $3,000. The Pink behind it is most likely the soft pink colorway.

For size comparison, here is the Micro Shopping bag next to a Wallet On Chain:

Chanel Micro Shopping Tote

The large is the ideal size and shape for a bag that can be worn both during the day and in the evening. Of note: the long strap is not removable, however, it is lightweight and a similar strap to the wallet on chain which is easily tucked inside the bag or looks fabulous hanging. I personally would not want to remove the chain strap, as it is beautiful and practical. I am IN LOVE. I tried on the coral pink, which was more of a light beige / pink and a soft dusty rose depending on the lighting. I don’t feel that the true color is reflected in photos, but I did my best. This color is a fabulous alternative for beige or any neutral, and it is truly a color and material that works for all seasons.

Chanel Kelly Bag Pink

Chanel Kelly Bag Pink 2023

The “large” size aka Mini Shopper Bag in “coral pink”: $4,400

I love the weight of the bag and the oversized handle and the generous crossbody or shoulder strap. It’s the ideal mix of vintage style and modern sensibility. Chefs kiss.

I predict that one of two things will happen with this bag: either it will cease production and this will become a collectors piece, or it will be become a classic collection bag and the price will double. Either way, it’s a winner in my book.




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