The Best Beach Hat

Melissa Obadash Jemima Cream Hat

I fully admit to loving the sunshine, but I don’t love getting much sun on my face. For the most part, it is because I want to prevent sun damage, wrinkles, and skin cancer. To that end, I wear SPF every day no matter what, and wear a hat at the beach or pool when there is no shade in sight. I However, I never really found a beach hat that I truly loved. All that changed this season, when I happened upon the most perfect beach hat. What makes is the best?

Here is why this is the best beach hat:

1. The brim is wide enough to offer proper shaded protection from the sun, but it stays away from the comically large style that leaves you feeling like you’re wearing some sort of costume.

2. The color is perfection. It comes in four colors, so you’ve got options, but I am a huge fan of the cream because it goes with everything.

3. It keeps its shape. I’ve been through enough beach hats to know that “packable” usually just means you can crush that hat into a suitcase, but there is no guarantee that it will hold it’s original condition afterwards. This one actually does. I once accidentally drove around for an entire day with a giant stroller folded on top of it, and it came out on the other end looking good as new.

Melissa Odabash Jemima Wide-Brim Floppy Beach Hat

4. It is adjustable. This hat has little ties on the inside of the crown to ensure the perfect fit. I used them to tighten it on a breezy day and it helped me hold on to my hat. Hardy har.

Do you have a favorite beach hat? Tell me in the comments!



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