5 Best Mothers Day Gifts Every Mom Wants

Staud Shirley Bag

Coming in hot today with the most honest Mother’s Day gift guide. If you’re a last minute gifter, I found the goods that will not only will mama love, most will arrive in time for Sunday.  Best of all, number one is free.

Here are the 5 best Mother’s Day gifts every mom wants:

A Nap

Gilligan & O'Malley Cozy Ruffle Sleep Sweatshirt

We just want to take a nap. A nap that doesn’t end with being awakened by screams.

Perfect Pajamas

Even better? Give mom a beautiful pair of pajamas with several nap tickets tucked inside the front pocket.

 A Bag

Staud Shirley Bag

You can’t go wrong giving mom a great bag. I love this Staud bag so much especially for Spring and Summer, and you can’t go wrong a classic Chanel Wallet On Chain. I received one as a gift and thought I wouldn’t wear it much but it became a favorite. Now I want another one in a light color.


EF Collection 14K Diamond Mama Charm Necklace

Dainty, sentimental yet eternally cool jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to give. We are all in luck, because Shopbop is taking 20% off all of that here with code SOFINE, and 2-day shipping is free for Prime members. EF Collection is one of my go-to’s for just that, and I don’t know one mama who wouldn’t love this necklace.

The Nicole Caroline Luxury Ice Facial Set

The Nicole Caroline Luxury Ice Facial Set

The Nicole Caroline Luxury Ice Facial set is blowing up, and any beauty or skincare junkie mama will appreciate this set. This is the perfect gift for the mom who is missing her facials but not ready to get back to her aesthetician just yet.

But also…

I clowned about this last year on the ‘gram when my son gave me an actual rock for Mother’s Day, but I really love any gift from my kids, especially if it is a something they made themselves, or a live performance. I texted some mom friends before Thanksgiving 2020 and said I would pay to go to the little Thanksgiving party and play at my son’s school. I am getting my wish this year, because my son’s amazing teacher is organizing an outdoor Mother’s Day performance that we can ACTUALLY ATTEND. I cannot wait!

Does that mean I wouldn’t also love 1-5? Nah.





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