5 Best Denim Brands

John Galt Camila New York Top

It has taken me years to find jeans that fit best for my body type, and I’ve finally got it narrowed down to 5 brands. I have a smaller waist and hips region and muscular thighs (#thickthighssavelives), and often pairs are too tight around my legs and too loose around my waist. Apparently this is a common problem, and I think some denim designers are finally taking note.

If this sounds like you too, these are the 5 best denim brands out there for us right now:


Free People Keep Your Cool Bodysuit

Levi’s are a classic staple for a reason. They make some of the best fitting, most timeless, best quality denim on the planet, plus they’re affordable. The wedgie fit (pictured) is my favorite, and I love the 721 high rise, and the 724 high rise jeans. They’re currently offering 20% off for first time orders at Levi’


John Galt Camila New York Top

Madewell makes some of the most comfortable jeans, and they fit incredibly well. They’re true to size, but for most of their stretch denim, I size down one. I love the new size model feature, which lets you see what each cut and wash looks like on a size 26, 29, or 32. Their high rise stretch jeans are the comfiest you can get without that “jegging” look, and the Cali Demi-Boot Cut (pictured) are the best that ever did a demi-boot.


Daydreamer Pink Floyd Space Oversized Long Sleeve Tee

I recently tried Re/done and I am mad I didn’t branch out sooner but hey we were in quarantine / sweatpants. The Comfort Stretch Ultra High-Rise Stovepipe jeans live up to their name to a T! These are the broken-in soft every day casual pair that you won’t feel like taking off once you’re home for the day. I also picked up these on sale, and they’re perfect.


Riller & Fount Ida Oversized Fringe Cardigan (2)

Mother is another denim brand living up to their own name: they know what’s best, they’re tough when they need to be and they’re the one you always come back to. Maybe that’s just me. This is my favorite pair.

Free People

Madeworn Led Zeppelin Electric Magic Tee

If we’re talking flares, only these will do. Most comfortable, truest flare jeans in the highest rise. These are on my to-try list.

What are your favorite denim brands?



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