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10 Best Pride Styles

wildfox where am I tee

Before I left the house this morning, my husband said, “are you coming from the village?” I immediately thought he was making a reference to Pride, the birthplace of the Stonewall Protest, since we lived there for nearly a decade together. I was dressed as a walking rainbow. Turns out, he was actually poking fun at my voluminous sleeves, but I took it as a compliment. Here is the dress in question:

Rhode Ella Colorblock Fluted Hem Dress

I loved what I was wearing and was fully repping for pride month so I slipped on my rainbow Melissa Rain Slides and then topped off my ensemble with a rainbow tie dye mask. For good measure, I clipped a rainbow barette into my daughter’s hair. While we were exiting a coffee shop, a man stopped us and asked, “is this for pride?” I said, “Of course.” He replied, “I adore you.”

Pride shouldn’t be limited to one month, so here are the 10 best pride styles to rock all year long:



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