This Comfy Footwear Trend Is Back

Christian Louboutin Gladia Pop Sandals

Now that things are warming up outside we will soon be wearing sandals again (most likely paired with a sloppy DIY pedicure unless you ordered these). We also may have to change out of sweatpants, but luckily for us all, the sweatpants of shoes are back in a big way. If you were alive in the late 90’s you probably had a pair of these ubiquitous elastic slides or some iteration of (I had the giant platform version). I remember closet shaming my mom a couple years back for holding on to her pair through a move, and she, like many of us, simply could not let them go because they had been through so much together. She knows, better than I, that trends are cyclical and that they would come back around.

Sorry, mom. If you’re reading this, Happy Mother’s Day. Your gift is happening here and now, because I’m admitting you were right.

Yes, this comfy footwear trend is back. Here are 10 of the best pairs of elastic sandals:

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    Toni V. Brown
    05/05/2020 at 11:31 am

    mom knows…

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