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Women's Long Sleeve Open Front Fuzzy Cardigan Wild Fable Target Trendsetter

I know things got a little heavy this week, and I’m sorry I kept it going with yesterday’s post. However, I’m also trying to be less self-critical (more on that below) so I’m going to continue soul-digging while softening the edges quite literally with the fluffiest sweater ever under $30. Same? Good.

These Friday finds are for you:

The Best $28 Cardigan

I found this cardigan at Target and if you love hot pink and being warm, you need it. The color is just perfect and it’s so soft and cozy. It is also available in black. @Targettrendsetter (in the featured image of this post) took the most accurate picture of I’ve seen of the pink one yet. For some reason, it’s hard to photograph, but I will get it right soon pinky promise.

Beating SAD

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or think you might, this post from fellow local blogger Julia Dzafic (@lemonstripes) has some great tips to help you beat it. I think the best combatant for me is exercising daily. It’s so crucial keep those endorphins pumping whatever the weather.

The Most Flattering Bikini

If you’re escaping the cold climate to beat SAD, you might need a new two piece. I recently ordered this longline top and bottoms and they’re just so comfortable, flattering and different. So good, I may order the black bottoms and this top as well.

Notes On Self-criticism

No matter what’s bugging you right now, it probably boils down to self-criticism. This is a really insightful read, and is worth passing along to a friend who might need to hear it.

Happy weekend!




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