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The Best Faux Fur

Zara Faux Fur Wrap

Today is Faux Fur Friday, so I’m sharing my favorite faux fur pieces and the affordable retailer that I believe has the best faux fur. I’m not a lover of real fur. I do love animals, and although I’m not a vegan, there is just something about real fur that makes me uneasy. While strolling in SoHo one chilly afternoon, I was staying toasty in my favorite faux fur shrug. A stranger yelled at me, so I took out my headphones, and said, “excuse me?” “Fur is murder! You’re a murderer!” she exclaimed. I laughed and said, “It’s faux, hoe.”

H&M Faux Fur Collar

I was wearing this. Yes, Zara makes the best bang-for-your-buck faux fur. I bet this vest is insanely soft and so passable for the real thing that miss high and mighty in SoHo would throw a bucket of paint on it.

Happy weekend!



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