How My Style Has Changed Since I Became A Mom

Christian Louboutin Rainbow Glitter Disco 70s Ankle Boots

While you won’t find me in the much-memed “mom outfit” of leggings and a sweatshirt unless I’m at the gym, my style has subtly changed since having children. I hadn’t thought too much about this until I was previewing the Saks shoe sale the other day via text (so Xilennial) and my homegirl Marla sent me a pic of a pair of rainbow glitter Christian Louboutin So Kate’s. “Maybe in my twenties!” I wrote back. They were so me, that I had in fact already purchased them in this silhouette back in the spring from soon-to-be-extinct Barney’s exclusive collection. The truth is, they are one of the only two pairs of Loubs I wear any more.

Shoes made for walking (or running after my toddlers)

The shift in my wardrobe began with my shoes. I was a size 7.5-8 before I had my first baby, and after #3 and foot surgery on my already larger left foot, I am now an 8.5-9.5. This reminds me that I need to part with even more pairs than I have already gifted to friends and donated to charity. However, I’m not replacing my Pigalles with So Kates. I’m more inclined to buy these. I need to be able to run after a toddler or two while pushing a stroller and frankly someone may not make it if mama is in stilettos.

Before I had kids, I lived in Manhattan and walked everywhere. I mostly wore comfortable shoes and occasionally heels, or as I lovingly dubbed ’em, “cab shoes.” The difference now (aside from sizing up) is that I’m less inclined to splurge on heels that I won’t wear often and more likely to spend more on shoes that I know I will wear regularly like a block heeled sandal, sneaker, or a combat boot.

Is that Batman in my pocket?

I find it difficult to wear clothing that does not have pockets. I don’t recall this being as much of a selling point for me before I became a breeder, but here we are. Pockets were made for carrying small plastic figures, right?

Spell and The Gypsy Collective X REVOLVE Wild Bloom Strappy Dress

I’ve cut down on my dry cleaning bill.

Cami NYC Racer Charm Silk Camisole

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the only thing that was cheaper in Manhattan was dry cleaning. Oh, and manicures. Childless me wore silk camis, blouses, and dresses almost daily. I now ration my dry clean only usage to child-free time wherein my garments won’t be prone to spit-up, snot, and food covered fingers. Happy hour drinks with friends? I’m wearing a silk cami AND cashmere. Date night? Full on silk dress with a suede jacket.

I need easy access.

Free People Max Out Sleep Shirt

I’m still nursing Rocky, so turtleneck dresses and bodysuits are out of the question. While this style change has an expiration date, I currently have to plan easy-access outfits when I’m around my daughter. It’s definitely a little more challenging in the colder months because most warmer styles are crew neck or higher, but I am loving these nursing-friendly cropped thermal tops, these bodysuits for layering under cardigans, and this super warm and soft dress which has made a return in two colors this season.

Less tailored outerwear.

Rebecca Taylor Leopard Linen Bow-Front Dress

I recently realized why I’ve been neglecting a large majority of my outwear section. It has everything to do with the fact that getting all three of my children in and out of the car alone is an act of acrobatics, and restrictive outerwear just won’t do. I still wear this same parka my husband gifted me back when I was a mom of one dog on the reg, and I’m loving coatigans this season.

So if you see me in a silk dress, a tailored coat, and heels, you can be sure I’m feeling (somewhat) like my 25 year old self, and enjoying some child-free me-time. We deserve that, and the practical glittered rainbow Louboutins.



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