5 Tips For Buying Chanel Bags

5 Tips For Buying Chanel Bags

Today is National Handbag Day, so I’m answering some FAQ’s from about buying Chanel bags. They’re my absolute favorite for a multitude of reasons. First, most of them are so classic, and second, you will wear them for years. In fact, you will most likely wear them for so many years that you will pass them down to your children and they will still be in style. Chanel bags are so well made that they will last that long. In addition, the care and repair services provided by Chanel are impeccable. They stand by their product, and they want to ensure their bags are heirlooms. There are a few factors to consider when deciding where and what to get, so I’m sharing the most important 5 tips for buying Chanel bags:

1. Where to buy your brand new Chanel bag.

The best place to buy a brand new Chanel bag is from a Chanel boutique. In comparison with a department store, a Chanel boutique (owned by Chanel) will have the newest and largest selection. More importantly, they will be able to find the exact bag you want or receive a call you as soon as it arrives if they don’t have it already. You cannot buy a brand new Chanel bag online from a Chanel boutique, but if you need an advisor to call, I cannot say enough good things about Karolyn. You can contact her at

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2. Where to buy your vintage or gently used Chanel bag.

Especially if this is your first Chanel purchase, I do not recommend shopping from stores or sites that do not authenticate their pieces by trained professionals. The Real Real, Vestiaire and What Goes Around Comes Around are some of the best and most trusted in the business and they carry rare and highly sought after bags. I would also highly advise against buying from anywhere that will not allow returns. My husband surprised me with my vintage backpack for my birthday and did his research before ordering it from What Goes Around Comes Around. He also made sure to tell me the full return policy window. Pro tip: once in a while, you can use coupons on WGACA Chanel bags at Shopbop.

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3. What style of bag should you get.

Whatever bag you like best is best for you. If it’s your very first, I recommend buying one from the classic line. Not only are they the most timeless styles, they also appreciate most (by 15-20% each year) and therefore hold the best resale value. I will also attest that I wear my maxi classic bag more than any other bag in my closet.

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4. What material should you get.

VEGANS LOOK AWAY! So if you have your heart set on a classic bag (smarty pants), I highly recommend buying it in grained calfskin as apposed to lambskin. The grained calfskin does not show scratching and is not as delicate as the lambkin, so if you plan on wearing it as much as I wear Maxine, grained is the way to go. If you are buying it as an occasion / evening bag and lightweight is more important to you, I would go with the lambskin. If you want a classic day bag that is big enough to hold all of your essentials and is lightweight, the Airline bag is the way to go. It’s back this season, so if you’ve been awaiting the return, now is the time.

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5. What size should you get.

This goes back to #1. The reason you cannot buy a brand new Chanel bag from is because you need to experience trying the bag on yourself. The same size and shape looks different on every individual, and it is important that your bag suits you and feels good when you’re carrying it. I never thought I wanted a Gabrielle bag until I tried it on in the store and fell in love. Now I have two, and it’s the only style I own in two sizes and colors. At first, I chose the white and black large Gabby, but I was so afraid to touch it and carry it around with my kids that I wasn’t wearing it and had to bring it back.

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One day I will be the woman with the white Gabrielle bag and the white couches. Just not any time in the next five years.



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