10 Best Band Tees

Daydreamer X REVOLVE Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Long Sleeve Tee

I used to believe that the only good band tees were those of the vintage variety. While I still hold my old school pieces to high esteem (I have my vintage band tees in their own category in my closet and I don’t fly without my vintage Zeppelin tee), the new faux vintage tees are so good, a few have earned some coveted space alongside my treasured thrift store finds. Case in point? This Biggie tee I styled here. I also recently wore this one on my family trip to a chillier climate and I’m so in love, I can’t wait for temps to dip so I can wear it again.

Seriously, these are so good, no one will know you didn’t brave the scent of musk to find them. Here are the 20 best band tees to wear now and all through fall:



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